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Which Brush is Best?

With the vast array of Beard Brushes and Combs available, plastic, metal, wood, bristle etc etc, the list goes on. How do you know which is right for your beard?
First of all, the question Comb or Brush?
Well both really, Combs are useful for untangling longer beards, styling and helpful when trimming your Beard. Brushes on the other hand are good for cleaning your Beard, dispersing Beard Oil or Balm through your Beard and can help with training your Beard hair to grow in certain ways.
Usually you will have 3 types of materials with combs, Metal, Plastic and Wood. If you care about your Beard you should invest in a wood comb, they are generally more gentle on your beard and don’t tug at hairs like metal combs or cause static like a plastic comb.
For teeth width, wide teeth are generally better for large beards with over 1 years growth as smaller teeth can snag in a large beard, fine teeth are perfect for short beards, to keep that clean, straight look. A balance is the medium teethed comb, an all-rounder suitable for short to Medium Beards.
With Brushes the most common (and for good reason) is the Boar Hair Brush, these are made with natural hair and will reach all the way from skin to tip, lifting any dirt that is in your Beard.
It also helps spread the natural sebum through your beard and coat your facial hair with your body’s natural oils. A brush will also stimulate the blood flow to your hair follicles by massaging the skin. Boar hair will also ensure your beard isn’t damaged by routine brushing by being gentle on your hair. 

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