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Beard Brush Kit

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Get all your Beard styling needs in one place.
Our Beard Brush Kit has everything you will ever need to style and tame that Beard. 
Our Kit includes;
  • Natural Boar Hair Brush

Wooden handle with natural boar bristles. 

Suitable for short to long beards to help clean your beard. 

Also helps with dispersing Beard Oil and Balm through your beard and can help train your hair to grow in specific direction

  • Foldable Wooden Comb

Medium spaced teeth suitable for all beards.

Will help to keep your beard straight and also untangle your hair.

Using a wooden comb also helps reduce static when brushing and can reduce damage to your beard.

Folding action to protect the teeth when not in use.

  • Wooden Bristle Air Bag Brush
Air Bag - Gentle on your skin
Wooden Bristle - No static while brushing
Large Paddle and Handle - More control while brushing and styling
Long Bristles - Perfect for Med to long beard and head hair